A brand new real-time online browser game waiting for you.

Omega Day is a free Online Browser Game where you assume the role of the ruler of your own people. Play in a giant science-fiction universe with thousands of players and bring your race to victory with strategy and teamplay.

In the Online Browser Game Omega Day You decide what fate your species will encounter. Help your People to develop into an peaceful trader's race or, as a Space Pirate, cause fear and loathing amongst the other players - In Omega- Day, the Online Browser Game it is all up to you.

Explore hundreds of different technologies and colonize unexplored solar systems . Trade with resources to build your very own Stellar Fleet - or just raid your other players. Omega Day offers you, more than any other free online game, almost unlimited possibilities to act out your own ideas and strategies.

Establish alliances with your friends or seek your teammates in the community of Omega-Day and fight exciting battles. Build a gigantic Space Armada together with your fellows and from there on you decide over War and Peace in the galaxy Be Part Of It - Play Omega Day - The free online browser game

Browser Game Features von Omega-Day:

  • Riesiges Open-Space Universum
  • MMOG mit Tausenden von Spielern
  • Freies Schiffs- und Flotten Design
  • Über 50 verschiedene Schiffstypen
  • Über 200 erforschbare Technologien
  • Individueller Planetenausbau
  • Über 40 verschiedene Planetentypen
  • Große und freundliche Community